James Martinez

Everyday, there are people recovering from a drug or alcohol problem who want to feel happier in their lives but find the recovery process very stressful.

People under this type of stress do not enjoy life the way they want and accept this as the new normal in their lives. Being unhappy, they often find themselves to returning to the same negative habits they were trying to change.

People with these struggles often have problems at work, with their family and friends, or develop chronic medical issues that do not improve which sometimes can lead to death.

People under this type of stress may try and feel hopeful that things will change by trying the same things over again, but eventually get the same results. It becomes an endless cycle which often slows down, but never stops and they never have the quality of life they desire.

Thankfully, I can help empower you to make the positive changes that will stop this endless cycle, and help you find the recovery results which will allow you to be happier in your life.